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Undergraduate Courses

CIRP offers a unique set of undergraduate qualifications in psychology aimed at producing globally employable graduates. Our programs range in abroad spectrum of core and applied psychology and one we are the only campus in Sri Lanka and one of the few in the world who offers such abroad variety of choices to students.

You can enter the undergraduate level after GCE O/L or GCE A/L Examinations. Upon completing Ordinary Level students are eligible to enter Foundation Level (UK Level 3) and Advanced Level students are eligible to enter Diploma of Higher Education or 1st year of the BSc Psychology degree.

It is vital that you take an informed decision in selecting your degree and the place you study. It is advisable to compare the curriculum, teaching quality, facilities, recognition of the qualifications and the success of alumni is doing so. 

Our student advisors are more than happy to provide you a comprehensive guidance in supporting you take an informed decision.

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