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Intl. Foundation Diploma in Psychology


UK Level 3


1 Year


About the Course

Foundation Programs

Foundation programs have become very popular among students who are seeking early entry in to university education. In a fast paced world, students and parents are both keen to gather their knowledge and skills at a younger age. Completing qualifications early enables them to start working or engaging in further studies before the others and therefore gain a competitive advantage.

Traditional entry path to university is completing your school education with A/L.  All reputed universities require a minimum of two A/L passes to entry bachelor’s degree programs. However more and more students are now interested in entering university as early as possible. As a result of that they resort to foundation programs, another path to university entrance.  Students enter foundation diploma programs after completing their O/L and within a year they are able to complete the foundation and start their first degree in the university.

Foundation Vs Traditional Path (A/L)

Expedient – Students could save up to 3 years (Gap after O/L + 2 years A/L + A/L results release) through a foundation which is only 1 year

Economical – Students are able to save millions of rupees spent on school fees, examination fees, tuition, daily transport to school

Qualify Young  – Soon after foundation,  students could start their bachelor’s degree and  complete their bachelor’s degree by 20.

Become Independent - By starting to work early, they become financially independent at a young age

Rapid Crarrer Growth - Early work experience they gain will support them progress in their career much faster than others.

Guaranteed Entry – Chance of entering the degree program is much more higher compared to the fail rates of A/L examinations

Complete Focus – In foundation programs you usually learn only what is essential for your bachelor’s degree.

However selecting the foundation program should be done carefully as merely focusing on completing qualifications early could have irreversible negative effects on their career and education later on.

Check out why CIRP Foundation program in Psychology is considered one of the best in the region.

CIRP International Foundation Diploma in Psychology

Designed for school leavers, this program will enable you to enter the undergraduate programs in Psychology in Sri Lanka or abroad within one (01) year from your GCE O/L examination. CIRP Foundation in Psychology prepares you to become successful in your bachelor’s degree programs therefore covers all the essential areas in terms of knowledge and skills.

Foundation Diploma in Psychology is ideal for all those who would like to expedite their higher education without following the traditional path through A/L. Through the foundation pathway, you will be obtaining the essential knowledge in Psychology, Biology, Mathematics and Academic Writing within one year therefore saving time, money and effort spent on A/L.

It is essential that students who have not completed A/L completes a recognized Foundation Diploma if they wish to enter a degree program at any reputed local or international university. Entering a degree program without a proper entry qualification could become an issue even in applying for postgraduate studies, verification of qualifications and employment.

CIRP Foundation Diploma in Psychology is the only foundation program in Sri Lanka that is recognized by TVEC of Sri Lanka and therefore a qualification recognized by the government of Sri Lanka.



Benefits of CIRP International Foundation in Psychology

International CurriculumOur curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of international universities. As a result you will be exposed to the latest content based on the changes in the university curricula. It is designed to provide students with 120 UK credits and RQF level 3.

Psychology Focus – This is a foundation focused on preparing students to take up bachelor’s degrees in psychology. Therefore you will not be distracted by doing multiple irrelevant subjects. Having few but the essential subjects make students concentrate and perform better.

Transferrable knowledge – Though the focus is on psychology, subjects you follow for the foundation is relevant to bachelor’s degrees in other areas such as sociology, criminology, education, child care and pre- school teaching.

Academic Writing – You will have a module in academic writing that provides you with the ability to engage in university assessments such as assignments, argumentative essays, reflective writing, reports and presentations. Referencing and in text citations that you learn here will be very much useful in your degree. Compared to teaching English, our program covers academic writing skills comprehensively.

Accreditation – CIRP international foundation diploma is the only foundation registered with TVEC (Tertiary & Vocational Education Commission) in Sri Lanka, therefore can be presented as a qualification recognized by the Sri Lankan government.

University Options – Compared to a foundation awarded by a specific university, which is designed to cater to that particular university, our foundation meets the criteria of international universities in general. Therefore you are able to apply to a range of foreign universities for psychology and related degrees with CIRP international foundation.

Academic Progression – CIRP offers psychology qualifications from Foundation to degree level and then masters. Therefore if you plan to complete your studies in Sri Lanka, starting at CIRP allows you to progress within the same campus all the way to your Masters degree.

Alumni Discounts – You are eligible for attractive alumni discounts when you are applying for the BSc (Hons) Psychology program at CIRP. Alumni discounts at each level will reduce your course fee significantly.

Scholarships – Foundation students who complete their program with good grades are eligible to apply for a range of scholarships at CIRP and partner universities for their degree programs.

Skill Development – CIRP has a very active student body and institute organize co-curricular and extra-curricular activities often to improve skills, talents and confidence of students. You can take part in sports, dancing, singing, internships and placements based on your preference.

Program Structure


Program Title                     Foundation Diploma in Psychology

Qualification Level           UK RQF Level 3

Credits                               120 UK Credits

Delivery                              On Campus

Assessments                     Modular 

Schedule                            Weekdays  

Duration                             01 Year

Transfer Options              Available

Awarding Body                 Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology (CIRP)

Accreditation                     TVEC Sri Lanka



Module Structure   


1. Social Sciences ( 30 Credits)

This module aims to provide an introduction to social sciences with a focus on psychology. Students receive knowledge on psychology at a basic level. Concepts discussed in the module will help students develop basic knowledge that would make their future studies in psychology much easier. Understanding how to approach social sciences such as psychology is the key outcome of this module.



2. General Sciences (30 Credits)

This module will discuss essential concepts in human biology and biochemistry required to understand the biological basis of human behavior and experience. Students will be introduced to evolution of life, functions of key systems in the human body, genetic influences, general topics in health and nutrition. Becoming familiar with terminology and basic concepts of biology and biochemistry is the expected outcome of this module.


3. Mathematics (30 Credits)

Mathematics is an essential skill in life and is required on a daily basis irrespective of the profession or the career you select. All undergraduate degrees include a research project where statistical analysis of data is required. This module covers areas which will be required in your degree programs thereby preparing you to engage in data analysis with ease and confident.


4. Academic Writing (30 Credits)

Academic writing involves using English language for scientific communication. Assessments at degree level include argumentative essays, reports, critical evaluation of research papers and presentations. Studying them at foundation level will prepare you to excel in assessments in higher education. Appropriate use of terms, understanding different academic formats, referencing and citations is the main goal of this module.




Assessments are designed to ensure that the students have achieved the required learning outcomes. Students are provided opportunities to take range of assessments including  written examinations, essays and assignments submitted online, individual and group presentations. These will empower students to face the various different challenges and demands in university education.


Entry Requirements

Educational Qualifications

Passed  GCE O/L (SL / Edexcel / Cambridge / Recognized examinations body) including a Credit Pass or above for English and a Pass or above for Mathematics

Language Requirement

A high level of English Proficiency is required to successfully complete this program.


English Proficiency of the students will be assessed at the beginning of the program and students who do not meet the expected standard will be asked to follow the English Language Proficient Program (ELPP) offered by CIRP and obtain the required level of mastery before commencing the program

Award & Certificate

CIRP International Foundation Diploma is a qualification awarded by CIRP and is recognized by TVEC Sri Lanka. Certificate is issued by CIRP and you are able to get the certificate attested by TVEC Sri Lanka as a registered qualification when you apply for foreign universities.



Students who complete the Foundation Diploma are eligible to join the undergraduate degree programs in psychology delivered at CIRP or any other local or international university. We have a range of UK and Australian universities partnered with CIRP to facilitate the transfer of student to their  universities,

Student Life

CIRP offers an excellent campus life that provides students ample opportunities to enjoy their university life combining academic work with a range of other activities. Most are aimed at providing students the much required recreational time and sufficient time away from classrooms essential for psychological well-being. Working together with the students council, CIRP organizes many activities and events to bring out hidden talents in students, provide confidence, enhance social and interpersonal skills, embrace cultural diversity and have fun responsibly in a safe environment.


We invite all students to check out student life at CIRP.

Success Stories

Dinithi Fonseka

"I joined CIRP right after my O/L and completed the Foundation Diploma. Then I joined the Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology and entered the BSc (Hons) Psychology final year at CIRP. I completed all three levels with a gold medal for each and soon I will be travelling to Australia to start my postgraduate studies. I'm thankful for the many opportunities such as the internship and conferences, I have really enjoyed my time at CIRP. "

Dinithi Fonseka
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