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Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology & Counseling


UK Level 5


2 Years


About the Course

Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology is a specialty in applied psychology that uses a broad range of techniques to help people improve their well-being, prevent and alleviate distress and maladjustment, resolve crises, and increase their ability to function better in their lives. Counseling psychologists support personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span and pays particular attention to emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental, and organizational concerns.

Using psychological concepts in identifying life issues , supporting them overcome behavioral problems, healing them from negative effects of abuse and trauma  and supporting them with relationship and social difficulties , professionals in Counseling Psychology serve community working with people to make their lives successful and healthy.

In a fast phased, sophisticated world problems faced by people increase day by day. Everyone is becoming more concerned about emotional and behavioral well-being. Counseling Services are becoming more and more popular everywhere in the world, creating a high demand for those who are qualified and trained in these areas. Therefore this field offers many job opportunities across the world.

Diploma of Higher Education in Counseling Psychology (DHEPCo)

This Level 5 Diploma is designed to provide students with the ground knowledge required to start their journey towards becoming a professional in  Counseling psychology. Program provides a thorough understanding of  behaviors and thinking of humans through core modules delivered in the first two semester and then go on to introduce the students to applications of psychology in supporting, providing therapy and working with people  in different contexts.

At the end of the  DHEPCo, you will cover the content covered in the first two years of the Bachelor;s degree in Psychology as well as knowledge relevant to first two years of a degree in Counseling psychology. Hence giving you the opportunity to select your academic and career path at the end of the second year.

You have the options of completing a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling  Psychology, A Double Major in Counseling & Psychology  (Check transfer options) or completing a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with a Specialization in Counseling Psychology.

Please check-out the Dual Qualification Series offered by CIRP

Job Opportunities in Counseling Psychology path

Please note that some of these professions require you to complete further studies and training after a bachelor’s degree.

Counseling Psychologist


Marriage & Relationship Counselor    

Substance Abuse Counselor

Trauma Counselor

Social Work & Social Welfare Professional

Psychology Lecturer & Researchers

Company Psychologist  

Mental Health Facility Manager / Administrator

School Counselor

Adolescent Counselor

Career Counselor

Mental Health  Advocacy & Policy Making  


How is the program delivered?

Program is delivered using modern teaching methods and training techniques that inspires the minds of the students creating enthusiasm, interest and motivation to explore further in to the field. A variety of methods from face to face lectures to case studies, journal discussions, workshops and seminars, small group discussions and group activities are used to create and maintain passion of the students.

Program Structure


Qualification Title           : Diploma of Higher Education in Counseling Psychology

Qualification Level         : UK RQF Level 5

Awarding Body                : Colombo Institute of Research & Psychology & OTHM UK          

RQF Credits                     : 240 UK Credits

Duration                          : 02 Years

Schedule                         : Weekday or Weekends

Delivery                           : On Campus or Online

Intakes                             : February & September


Module Structure

Core Psychology Modules (Each module is worth 15 UK RQF Credits)

1. Introduction to Psychology                    

2. Biopsychology                                             

3. Cognitive Psychology                                                

4. Developmental Psychology                   

5. Social Psychology                                       

6. Memory                                                        

7. Personality                                                   


Counseling Psychology Modules (Each module is worth 15 UK RQF Credits)


1. Introduction to Counseling                                                                    

2. Essential Skills for Counselors                                                               

3. Supporting victims of Abuse & Trauma                                            

4. Models of Psychotherapy                                                                      

5. Counseling Psychology Placement                                                      


Common Modules  (Each module is worth 15 UK RQF Credits)

1. Research Methods – Quantitate         

2. Research Methods – Qualitative         

3. Statistics 1                                                     

4. Statistics 2                                                     



Assessments are designed to ensure that the students have achieved the required learning outcomes. Students are provided opportunity to take a range of assessments that will empower students to face the various different challenges and demands of their work life upon graduation including written examinations, essays and assignments submitted online, individual and group presentations, social media projects, mini research projects.

Entry Criteria

Educational Qualifications - Standard Entry

Completed A/L  (SL / Edexcel / Cambridge / Recognized examinations body) with a minimum of 2 Passes in any Stream

or have completed a Foundation  Programme awarded by a recognized College /University

Educational Qualifications - Special considerations for mature students

A professional qualification with two (02) years work experience in a relevant field

or follow the Access Diploma to Higher Education at CIRP

Language Requirement

A high level of English Proficiency is required to successfully complete this programme.

English Proficiency of the students will be assessed in the beginning of the programs and students who do not meet the expected standard will be asked to follow the English Language Proficient Program (ELPP) offered by CIRP and obtain the required level of mastery before commencing the program

Award & Certificate

DHEP qualifications awarded by CIRP and is recognized by TVEC Sri Lanka. Certificate is issued by CIRP and you are able to get the certificate attested by TVEC Sri Lanka as a registered qualification when you apply for foreign universities.

Academic Progression & Transfer Options

Most of the students who complete the dual qualifications will enter the final year of the BSc (Hons) Psychology program delivered at CIRP in Sri Lanka in affiliation with UK university Partner.

Some students opt to transfer to different countries and universities around the world. As a result of DHEP curriculum meeting international standards, students are able to get exemptions with almost all the universities they apply to. CIRP has already established transfer pathways to many universities in UK, Australia, Canada, Dubai and many other countries


Student Life

CIRP offers and excellent campus life that provides students ample opportunities to enjoy their university life combining academic work with a range of other activities. Most are aimed at providing students the much required recreational time and sufficient time away from classrooms essential for psychological well-being. Working together with the students council, CIRP organizes many activities and events to bring our hidden talents in students, provide confidence, enhance social and interpersonal skills, embrace cultural diversity and have fun in a responsible  way in a safe environment. 

We invite all students to check out student life at CIRP.

Success Stories


I selected the Psychology & Counseling Program at CIRP after comparing the curricula of other similar programs. The fact that this course provides an in depth understanding of human behavior and thinking before going in to the counseling modules really helps to approach the practical modules with confidence. I started in 2022 and will be completing my DHEP to start the BSc Final year in 2024.

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