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MSc in Business & Organizational Psychology


UK Level 7


1 Year


About the Course

Business & Organizational Psychology

Business & Organizational Psychology is where insights drawn from psychological theories and models are applied in different aspects of a business. Use of psychological concepts to gain a competitive advantage in management, human resources, sales and marketing, branding and advertising was done by major corporate organizations for decades and most of these were not discussed publicly. The information that corporate giants are using psychology to understand, predict and influence humans came to light recently and since then there is a major drive in the companies throughout the world to benefit from business & organizational psychology. From use of psychometric testing in screening candidates to neuro-marketing, consumer psychology, behavioral economics and cyber-psychology, all aspects of a business are based on psychological strategies. If you are interested in becoming a part of a growing force in the business world, check out this program in more detail.

How is Business & Organizational Psychology useful?

You can use psychological insights to improve your own effectiveness, performance, self- awareness and quality of life as well as those of others. Using core psychological theories and applying them in Management, HRM, Sales & Marketing, R & D, Organizational Change, Managing teams, Training & Development, Coaching, Branding and advertising, IT and Well-being would benefit an organizations both in quality and quantity.

What is MSc in Business & Organizational Psychology at CIRP?

This is a postgraduate level master’s degree that will convert middle to senior business leaders in to behavioral strategists who are experts in influencing human behavior and thinking. Designed and developed by a group of respected business psychology professionals and academics from UK and Sri Lanka, this program covers topics from ground understanding of human behavior and thinking to applications in a range of different settings in corporate sector.



 Who will benefit most from MSc in Business & Organizational Psychology?

This Master’s degree is ideal for entrepreneurs, Directors and CEO’s , middle to senior managers in organizations. Specially the professionals who have gained experience at operational level will be able to move in to the strategic level with the knowledge and skills you gather in this program.

MSc in Business & Organizational Psychology is an excellent qualification for also for those who aspire to become corporate trainers, consultants, business and life coaches, branding strategist and business psychologists.

There is a range of electives you can select from, based on your field and profession as well as future goals. You can request for a description of each module from a student admissions officer by contacting them.

Is this qualification applicable for professionals in any sector in corporate world?

Yes, core modules of the program provide the essentials skills in understanding people around you, the staff who report to you, your fellow colleagues, the ones you report to or your business partners. And most importantly your clients and customers. This is an important factor that determines your success in any sector or any department.

Then the electives will guide you to apply the knowledge and skills gathered in core modules to specific sectors or departments that you are interested in.

What are the electives in CIRP MSc in Business & Organizational Psychology?

1. Psychometric Testing for Selection & Assessment

Ideal for Professionals in HRM, Talent acquisition and Management, Recruiting Consultants, Coaching and Mentoring, Training and Developments, Corporate Research.


2. Consumer Psychology

Specially for ones who aspire to become experts in sales, marketing, branding, corporate communication, digital and social media marketing, advertising, business strategist, business development, brand consultancy, market and consumer research


3. Effects of Change – Organizational and Individuals

Excellent choice for professionals who initiate and manages organizational restructuring, guiding organizations through challenging times, conflict resolution, change management, damage control and coaching and mentoring individuals through change


4. Cyberpsychology

A module offered only by CIRP in South Asia, Cyberpsychology will take the IT professionals to the next level of human-machine interactions and interfaces. An excellent blend of psychology with IT to enhance interface designing, better understanding client requirements and making all applications user-friendly


5. Building and sustaining teams

Benefits of team work and collective decision making sometimes could become less productive with the time spend on endless meetings, managing intra-group conflicts and uneven contribution from team members. Use your understanding of how humans behave in groups and how to influence them to gain true benefits of teamwork.



Key attractions of MSc Business Vs Other Business PG’s

Truly beneficial  – Most corporate professionals study MBA’s for  their postgraduate qualification as it has become a tradition to have a postgraduate qualification when you reach the middle management. However the truth is while learning few new things, most MBA’s ars a repetition of what you studied for your degree or knowledge you have gathered through experience. But business psycholog program will expose you to aspects of work life that you never thought about.

Personally inspiring – Insights you gain in this program will influence you to reflect on your own behavior, thinking, emotional reactions and beliefs. You shape your behaviors and thinking resulting in a positive change in the way you interact with others, what and how you think of them, either at work, home or society. You will become a more positive, content person.

Excellent future prospects – Psychology is the future of almost all aspects of business  processes in the future. You can already see how important basic concepts such as emotional intelligence is used in business world. There will be more and more such applications and qualifying today will make you ready for future concepts.

Unique – In a world where almost everyone has generic qualifications, your qualification with help you stand out from the rest. Your thinking shaped by the knowledge you have gathered will make you a unique professional who has not only mastered operational level but also the strategic level.

A like- minded group – More than 75 % of the students in this program are at senior management level and the rest are entrepreneurs, trainers and consultants. This creates an excellent environment for thoughtful discussions and networking.

How is the program delivered?

You will complete Six (06) core modules and three (03) elective modules worth 180 UK credits in this program. You will study around three modules every semester and will focus mainly on the dissertation and electives in the final semester.

Can I manage with work commitments?

.Considering that 95% of the students taking this program are employed, We have laid out the modules in a way students have sufficient time for assessments. You will be issued with a schedule with all lecture and assessment dates in the beginning of the program allowing you to plan your other commitments during your study periods.

This is a comprehensive masters that includes a reasonable amount of work and you need to have a decent level of commitment in order to successfully complete this qualification. Except for the lectures on Sundays, you are expected to spend around 10 hours a week engaged in reading, discussions, watching relevant material for you get the best out of this program

 How are the modules assessed?

Assessments are designed to ensure that the students have achieved the required learning outcomes. Students are take a range of assessments including assignments submitted online, individual and group presentations, case studies and individual research project (dissertation)..

Assessments and academic regulations of this program are governed by the University.





Program Structure


Qualification Title           : Master of Science in Business & Organizational Psychology

Qualification Level         : Master’s Degree - UK RQF Level 7

Awarding Body               : Partner University        

RQF Credits                    : 180 UK Credits

Duration                         : 01 Year

Schedule                        : Weekends

Delivery                         : On Campus

Intakes                          : February & September



Module Structure


Core Modules

1              Understanding Human Behavior & Thinking                       10 Credits

2              Training, Development & Coaching                                    20 Credits

3              Well-being at Work                                                            20 Credits

4              Psychology of Strategic Leadership                                   20 Credits

5              Research Methods for Business Psychology                      20 Credits

6              Dissertation                                                                       60 Credits


Elective Modules


1              Consumer Psychology                                                         10 Credits

2              Psychometric Testing                                                         10 Credits

3              Cyberpsychology                                                                 10 Credits

4              Effects of Change                                                                10 Credits

5              Psychology of building & sustaining teams                         10 Credits




Entry Requirements

Educational Qualifications - Standard Entry 

Bachelor’s Degree with a second class upper division or above in any Field from a recognized university or Equivalent Academic or Professional Qualification Ex : CIMA, CIM, ACCA, Pg. Diploma

Non- traditional Entry

Individuals who do not meet above entry criteria but possess extensive work experience in Leadership roles could apply for non-traditional entry. These applications will be handled on an individual basis and the academic board will decide based on the evidence provided by the candidate.

Work Experience

All candidates should possess at least 5 Years work experience at a Supervisory Level. individuals who have obtained a first class honors degree may apply without work experience.

Language Requirement

A high level of English Proficiency (Equal to IELTS 6.5)  is required to successfully complete this program.

English Proficiency of the students will be assessed in the beginning of the programs and students who do not meet the expected standard will be asked to follow the English Language Proficiency Program (ELPP) offered by CIRP and obtain the required level of mastery before commencing their studies.


Your Instructor

Kelly Parker

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